WP Bufet überschreibt eigenes Logo

WP Theme Bufet overrides Logo

I recently used the wordpress theme bufet and wanted to change the logo. I did it the normal way over the wp customizer -> logo. But some seconds after the change or after saving, the theme switched automatically to the default WP Bufet Logo. I must say, that I loaded the Demo. Maybe there happened some strange this. Nethertheless I wasn’t able to change the logo and the media URL always stayed like:

[Site URL] / wp-content / themes / bufet / assets / img / logo / logo.png

WP Theme Bufet überschreibt Logo

My solution was, to go in the Webspace with a FTP client and renamed my logo to “logo.png” and replaced it with the logo in the directory. That solved my problem, that the wp theme Bufet overrides my logo.

Was it helpful? If so, let it me know in the comments 😉

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