Mac Shortcuts

Show hidden files on Mac

Probably you had the problem once and want to see hidden files. There is one way to do it with help of the console. But there is a much more simpler method. Just press:

CMD + ALT + .

and you’ll see the hidden files on Mac.

Screenshots on Mac

If you had a Windows PC before you came to a Mac you probably miss the print button. But there is a much more simple way on Mac. Press:


Then the curser changes and you can select the area, where you want to make screenshot. The file saved in a PNG format on your Desktop.

Quicksearch on Mac

The Quicksearch on Mac is called Spotlight Search and opens, if you press:

CMD + Space

Besides the normal file search on you Mac you also can search for Internet results, that shows up immediately in the Spotlight Search. Furthermore you can use the Search als a Calculator.

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